Louise Mockford, EEBW, EET, BSc (Hons)  - A Balanced Approach for you and your horse

"Louise has been an important team member with the rehabilitation of our much loved pony diagnosed with Sacroiliac problems. With Louise's support both pony and rider are now enjoying life to the max and doing what they both do best which is having fun. Louise is much loved knowledgeable, kind and patient."
Marion and Summer

"The difference, just after one session with Louise, was amazing! Megan had been withdrawn and generally 'under the weather' and almost immediately Louise had finished working on her she shone again! She went out into the field like a young Thoroughbred, bouncing all over the place and has had a spring in her step since. It is such a joy to see her happy again!"
Jane and Megan

"I had a problem.  My horse would do most things that I asked but we didn’t have a partnership.  I never felt that we were both working together – each ride or show was a challenge overcome rather than an enjoyment.  That all changed when I started lessons with Louise.  Louise was the first trainer to look at me rather than my horse and start correcting the important things like position (mine was bad!) and the correct application of the aids in time with the movement of my horse. I have been riding 30 years and struggle to change some of my old habits – Louise always has new ideas and  approaches when change feels impossible. We all think we can ride after so many years in the saddle but so often we are the problem even though we think it’s the horse.
Her lessons are so enjoyable.  Louise is always positive, patient, professional and is armed with so much experience that she helps with any problem I encounter.
Lessons with Louise are a pleasure not just a means to an end.  I still have a long way to go but feel that I might just get there now."         
Ali and Dali

"Louise is a very patient and thorough teacher with a clear understanding of Classical riding methods and the skill of relaying the "how" and "why". Totally recommend - your riding will be revolutionised!!"
Samantha and Ice Blue
"Louise is an absolutely wonderful instructor. She is a mix of expertise, patience, gentleness, empathy & a cracking sense of humour! My horses & I so look forward to our lessons; she's a breath of fresh air for equines & riders in a "rigid & conformist" dressage world. Thank you for everything Louise"
Alison and Woody

"Louise has been treating my horses for over a year now and has a wonderful understanding of each of their needs, both on a physical and emotional level and I would not use anyone else!"
Fiona and the gang 

"Louise has improved my position and feel tremendously and as a result my horse Tsar is more relaxed. I have more confidence in my ability to "feel" and of course both my horses are so happy and move so freely in their Heather Moffett saddles thanks to Lou for fitting them. I look forward to my lessons with Lou so much. Things I learn are explained in a way that I understand and remember despite my poor memory. Lou has a very calm manner that puts both me and Tsar at ease and our lessons have given me clearer goals and perspective for the future for competing and a happier more considerate and rewarding relationship with my horse. Thank you lovely Lou from Sarah and Tsar. X"
Sarah and Tsar

"I have achieved more in 8 lessons with Louise than in the previous 6 years of learning to ride. Her insight, humour and ability to communicate make every session a valuable experience. Can't recommend highly enough!"
Sam and Arnold

"After numerous other professionals could not get to the bottom of what was wrong with my horse and spending a fortune on failed treatments and scans, Louise fixed the problem in one session! She has both intuition and knowledge and very quickly discovered the problem was actually in the jaw and poll and not in the hindquarters as all the others had said. I wish I had called her first and certainly will be in future!!"
Hannah and Charlie 

"I cannot recommend Louise enough for saddle fitting.
Firstly she travelled such a long distance to accommodate us but arrived in torrential rain. Louise spent some time chatting to Sunny  !!  and me about what requirements we had for a saddle and then checked him over and threw in a little massage for him before tacking him up. I think it safe to say, that every saddle width, length and type were tried.....and then back over the best choices, together with whether or not an additional pad or numnah added comfort ?
I was surprised when Lou phoned some time later to offer a second visit and finally arranged delivery of the saddle.
It is apparent that Lou is foremost a true Horsewoman and I feel that is essential when you need any professional service for your horse.
Oh and she is partial to a biscuit or piece of cake too !!"
Lorraine and Sunny

"Louise's approach is sympathetic, working with horse and rider from where they are and what they want/can do, rather than having a fixed idea about what they should do. I've learnt a lot in just a couple of sessions."
Moyra and JJ

"I decided after many years of dissatisfaction with my made to measure saddle to get a Heather Moffett saddle, Louise duly came and met myself and Sylvern my Arab stallion and let us try the saddles and have a fitting. My immediate realisation was that for the first time in ages Sylvern was walking out with a long loose stride something that I begun to think was never going to happen. He was overall far more forward going than usual, as to the fit for me I was struck by how comfortable the saddle was and how it actually helped me to maintain the correct seat position. We have had our dressage saddle now for over a year and I can honestly say we are both very happy with it and would never under any circumstances go back to a 'conventional' saddle.
I have also asked Louise to give me a few lessons with Sylvern to improve my skills and I can honestly say that she is a delight. Her manner of teaching is obviously instructive but she has a wonderful sense of humour and a way of  putting across her teaching which puts you completely at ease and makes you relax and feel comfortable which in itself then makes you absorb her knowledge and instruction very easily."
Gaye and Sylvern
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