Louise Mockford, EEBW, EET, BSc (Hons)  - A Balanced Approach for you and your horse

Recently moved to South Somerset from Berkshire, Louise is a fully trained and insured Equine Therapist with qualifications including the following:

Equine Body Worker certified with Equinology

Equine Myofascial Release

Equine Touch Level 3

Certificate in Equine Kinesiotaping


All horses benefit from body work regardless of discipline, whether a performance horse, happy hacker or a retired 'field ornament'. Sessions can help the horse by releasing muscular tension associated with injury, repetitive training and soft tissue fatigue as well as reducing behavioural problems and releasing emotional stress, which is something often overlooked in horses.

Alongside body work it is important that horses are helped to develop correct musculature and posture to enable them to perform at their best and stay sound through their ridden careers, which is helped enormously by using both classical in hand and ridden techniques. No matter what level a horse is at, and even whether they are ridden, this training is invaluable for a long and healthy life.

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