Louise Mockford, EEBW, EET, BSc (Hons)  - A Balanced Approach for you and your horse
www.horsekindbridles.co.uk - Website of beautiful quality English leather comfort bridles and bespoke leather work.
www.performancehoofcare.com - Tim Mockford, Shoeless Hoofcare and Educational Talks and Courses.
www.red-horse.co.uk - Fantastic natural products for your horse that really work!
www.enlightenedequitation.com - Home of Heather Moffett
www.equinenergy.com - Home of Equinology in the UK

www.naturalhorsesupplies.co.uk - Natural feeding products for your horse.
www.nuumed.co.uk - Home of Nuumed.

www.horsehealth.co.uk - Home of Le Mieux and Acavallo Products

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