Louise Mockford, EEBW, EET, BSc (Hons)  - A Balanced Approach for you and your horse
Louise Mockford 
Louise was lucky enough to have grown up on her Mum's busy BHS Training/Riding Centre which gave her a wealth of experience with a large variety of horses and ponies, as well as people of course! Clearly this upbringing has helped shape her into her career with horses and she can't imagine herself doing anything else (although she has briefly tried various other things over the years!). As you can imagine, she has been teaching for a good few years, starting all those years ago with the children's lead rein lessons as a teenager and moved on from there!

Since leaving the Riding School over 15 years ago, she has been teaching freelance and generally broadening her knowledge outside the BHS, as well as gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from Reading University in 2007 to help satisfy her interest in humans and how they work! She trained with Heather Moffett and became an accredited Enlightened Equitation Teacher also in 2007 which has led her down a far more 'Classical' route and has improved her teaching ability enormously, thanks to Heather's ability to break things down simply for riders.

In 2008, Louise decided to train with Equinology, one of the world's leading training bodies, to become an Equine Body Worker in order to improve her understanding of Equine biomechanics and functional anatomy in relation to horse training. She also studied Equine Touch up to Level 3, which led her to becoming a Reiki Practitioner after experiencing some interesting results using body work that made her look much deeper than just the physical side of horses. It was soon apparent that she had a natural affinity for body work and she developed a real passion for it, so she now concentrates on these skills predominantly. Louise's Body Work training goes hand in hand with her horse/rider training and has really enabled her to see the 'bigger picture' when looking at a horse and this is invaluable to both training and therapy.

Louise has gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience from a great many people and horses throughout the years, and will continue to do so as long as she is involved in horses - you never stop learning after all!

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Louise is now based in Buckland St Mary in Somerset, having recently moved from Berkshire and covers an area of approximately 1 hour's drive from home. 
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